Portneuf-sur-Mer, Québec. Canada

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Neue Website, neuer Status, gleiche Mission

Freude herrscht und auch ein bisschen Stolz, weil wir euch heute unsere neue Website präsentieren können – in drei Sprachversionen mit insgesamt über 100 Seiten! Nach 12 Jahren ist die alte Website ein Internet-Dinosaurier geworden und die Zeit war reif für etwas Neues. Ein auffälliges Merkmal der neuen Website sind die vielen menschlichen Gesichter zwischen…

Unser neues Vorstandsmitglied

Before joining our team in 2017, Jacqueline Egger has been working as a biology teacher at the Kantonsschule Hohe Promenade in Zurich, Switzerland, for more than 10 years. She has earned a Master from the University of Zurich and she has always had a profound interest in marine science. She has been involved in a…

Mériscope geht in die Lüfte

22 Sept. 2015 – It’s the kind of stuff you are dreaming about as a marine biologist – a high-end camera drone. Recently, a generous sponsor provided the Mériscope with a Phantom Pro drone, equipped with a HD camera and a remote monitoring and controlling panel. The drone opens a whole range of exciting possibilities,…

Neue Forschungsstation in Longue-Rive

Some of you may have heard it through the grape vine: the Mériscope has recently concluded a partnership agreement with the Municipality of Longue-Rive, laying the foundation for a permanent research station and an interpretation center in the former church of Sault-au-Mouton. The concept for the interpretation center combines an interactive and playful exhibition on marine ecosystems…

Highlights der Saison 2011

Nov. 30, 2011 – The summer season 2011 was remarkable with regard to both, the field work and the lab projects. We were able to get substantial distribution data of minke whales, blue whales, and belugas for our habitat model. In an attempt to recover two radio tags for Dr. Brian Kot from Texas A&M…

Neue Docks und eine neue Feuerstelle fürs Mériscope

September 30, 2009 – Just about a week after we had acquired our new zodiac, we learned that the municipality had decided to abandon the more or less floating docks because they were definitely due for replacement. We have made the necessary moves quickly to get a permit to build a private dock, to find…

Endlich – ein neues Boot für das Mériscope: die NARVAL

May 15, 2009 – After several months of browsing the used boat market for rigid-hulled inflatables, we finally acquired a 22 foot Zeppelin in pristine condition, equipped with an almost new 130 HP outboard and stuffed with high-grade electronics. With this boat, the Mériscope becomes fully independent for its operations at sea, a very important…