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Enfin – un nouveau bateau pour le Mériscope: le NARVAL

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Enfin – un nouveau bateau pour le Mériscope: le NARVAL

May 15, 2009 – After several months of browsing the used boat market for rigid-hulled inflatables, we finally acquired a 22 foot Zeppelin in pristine condition, equipped with an almost new 130 HP outboard and stuffed with high-grade electronics. With this boat, the Mériscope becomes fully independent for its operations at sea, a very important step for a small organization like us. We did several test rides in the St. Lawrence estuary this summer and the “Narval” handles the seas beautifully, even in rough conditions.

The boat has an interesting history, as it was used as a dive expedition boat to explore the Labrador coast and the Lower North Shore. The “Narval” has braved the harsh conditions of the Labrador Sea and helped explore underwater landscapes, where no human being has dived before.

For the 2010 season, we are going to modify the steering console and install seats, a toilet, and some new equipment. There will also be a platform above the cockpit for cameramen and photographers. In addition to its duties for the Mériscope, the “Narval” is also a member of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary for search and rescue operations in the St. Lawrence.


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