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Nouvelle station de recherche à Longue-Rive

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Nouvelle station de recherche à Longue-Rive

Some of you may have heard it through the grape vine: the Mériscope has recently concluded a partnership agreement with the Municipality of Longue-Rive, laying the foundation for a permanent research station and an interpretation center in the former church of Sault-au-Mouton.

The concept for the interpretation center combines an interactive and playful exhibition on marine ecosystems such as the estuary and the Gulf of Saint-Lawrence, the abyss and the Arctic with state-of-the-art displays and technology. The concept will be implemented in close collaboration with the Municipality of Longue-Rive and Haley Sharpe Design, UK. A show about the heritage of Longue-Rive, a movie room, a shop, a bistro and a space for itinerant expositions will complete the interpretation center.

In a first phase of this ambitious project, we will develop office spaces, a conference room, a library and accommodation facilities for students and scientists. With the new vocation, the church of Sault-au-Mouton, built in 1956 according to the plans of renowned Canadian architect Sylvio Brassard, will become a dynamic platform for marine research projects and outreach activities.

The partnership agreement with Longue-Rive is a milestone for the development of the Mériscope. The new facility will provide an adequate operations base to develop research and education programs, to promote sustainable development in ecotourism, and to foster cultural events. We are committed to creating a project that becomes a model for successful collaboration between NGOs, universities, government agencies, and corporations.

We wish to thank all the volunteers, supporters and project partners who have encouraged us over the years and have contributed to the development of the Mériscope at different stages. Without the support of each and every one of you, many of our ideas would never have materialized. If we are able to make this huge step today, it is because you were a part of this project when we were learning to walk!


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