Portneuf-sur-Mer, Québec. Canada

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If you want to join whale researchers for 6 weeks or more (internship, sabbatical) and discover the largest animals on earth in breath-taking scenery, come and see us at the Mériscope Marine Research Station (Province Québec, Canada). Our boat trips to one of the most important feeding grounds of the great baleen whales are guided by experienced marine biologists. It is a unique way to observe marine mammals in their natural environment, to learn more about the marine ecosystem, and to support a dedicated research team at the same time.

We also facilitate Bachelor, Master and PhD projects in collaboration with several universities (Canada, USA, EU, CH). Our field season lasts from mid-June until the end of October. The minimal length for an internship / sabbatical is 6 weeks

For teachers and students at high school level, we offer a variety of projects highlighting subjects related to marine biology, climate and environment with our MérisCool programme.