Portneuf-sur-Mer, Québec. Canada

20th Anniversary

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Let’s Celebrate !

In 2021, Mériscope celebrates its 20th anniversary. For this occasion, we have launched a set of 12 brilliant postcards and a limited special edition of Mériscope Swiss Army knives, made in Switzerland by Victorinox.

20th Anniversary Postcards

12 beautiful postcards for CAD 20 / EUR 22 / CHF 24 (shipping included)

Special Edition Mériscope Swiss Army Knives

Huntsman (9.1 cm)

CHF 58.60

EUR 55.00

CAD 85.00

Rambler (5.8 cm)

CHF 42.80

EUR 40.00

CAD 62.00

For the time being, we can only deliver the Swiss Army knife to destinations within Europe. But you can make a reservation for July 2021 if you stay in Canada.