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Lectures & Workshops

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When the Classroom becomes a Research Submarine

For the first time, from August 2022 until February 2023, a joint project of a primary school in Zumikon (Switzerland) and MérisCool (Canada, Switzerland) took place. Within the framework of this weekly talent program, two cross-grade groups of primary school children (2nd/3rd and 4th/5th grades, respectively) dived into the fascinating underwater world of our beautiful blue planet under the direction of Nicole Gmür.

This course was complemented by exciting posts from Jackie Egger (head of MérisCool) from the marine research station Mériscope. Here, the children learnt more about the daily life of a marine biologist and had the opportunity to ask questions about the ocean. The course was rounded off in January 2023 with a visit from Jackie to the young marine researchers in Zumikon.

picture above: 4th and 5th grades, picture below: 2nd and 3rd grades

Some impressions from the visit (26.01.2023)

Lectures & Workshops

(so far in Switzerland only)

From December to May, we would be happy to visit your class (all school levels):

Lecture (1 lesson / 45 mins)100 CHF
Half-day workshop (3 – 4 lessons)400 CHF
Full-day workshop (6 – 7 lessons)600 CHF

We will gladly make suggestions on various topics of marine biology or respond to your individual wishes. Of course we will adapt our lessons to the level and previous knowledge of your class.