Portneuf-sur-Mer, Québec. Canada

New Docks and a New Fireplace at the Mériscope

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New Docks and a New Fireplace at the Mériscope

September 30, 2009 – Just about a week after we had acquired our new zodiac, we learned that the municipality had decided to abandon the more or less floating docks because they were definitely due for replacement. We have made the necessary moves quickly to get a permit to build a private dock, to find sponsors for building materials, and to mobilize volunteers to put everything together. A few weeks later, the private dock of the Mériscope was a reality, offering enough space for 6 inflatable boats or other vessels with shallow draft.

At the base camp, we have also accomplished some improvements. All trails around the facilities are now safe gravel walks and there is a brand-new fireplace beside our observation deck. Can you imagine a more pitturesque pizza oven than this one overlooking one of the most important feeding areas for the great baleen whales of the North Atlantic? These changes at our field site are just the beginning of a major development that will follow in 2010.

All these achievements would not have been possible without the contributions of several sponsors who helped with funding, building materials, soldering equipment and many hours of volunteering. We are very grateful to ALCOA, Entreprises Jean Fournier, Innergex, the Municipality of Portneuf-sur-MerFercomat, and Récupération Brisson.

None of our floating docks would be in the water and not a single brick of our pizza oven would have a snuggly fit without the help of these volunteers: André Maltais (Portneuf-sur-Mer), Jean Émond (Longue-Rive), Pierre Mollet (Switzerland), Serge Deschênes (Portneuf-sur-Mer), Jean-Paul LeGuilcher (ALCOA), Eddy Pelletier (ALCOA), Tommy and Jérôme Paquet (ALCOA) – thank you so much guys, without your generous support our ideas would have had a hard time becoming a piece of reality!


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